Hans-Rudolf Strickler, a member of the Corporate Executive Board of Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt since June 2001 in which capacity he was responsible for European business, has decided to leave the organisation at the end of December 2002. The new ad interim head of the the International Division, with immediate effect, is René van der Smeede, CEO of Swiss Life in the Netherlands.
Hans-Rudolf Strickler: "The discussions concerning LTS AG will go on for quite some time yet, in view of the investigations being conducted by the authorities. Even though I am convinced that my actions with regard to my personal involvement in LTS AG were not improper, I hope that my resignation from the Corporate Executive Board will help bring greater objectivity to the current discussion and make it possible to avoid further damage to the organisation."

Rolf Dörig, Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt CEO: "I have great respect for Mr Strickler's decision. It is of decisive importance that the discussions regarding LTS AG should not hinder us in implementing our organisation's new strategy, on the basis of the capital increase now successfully under way. I would like to thank Hans-Rudolf Strickler for his great commitment to our company."

René van der Smeede has been CEO of Swiss Life Netherlands since 1998. Before joining the company, he spent 10 years in various management positions with the Dutch insurer AEGON. In the course of his career, he also worked in Spain as director of a subsidiary of the Dutch insurer ENNIA. He served as vice-president of the Netherlands association of actuaries and headed the Netherlands association of life insurers. Mr van der Smeede is 54 years old and married.